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At ClickYourMortgage.com we have assembled a team of dedicated Mortgage Professionals based out of Barrie, Ontario to aid you in achieving your mortgage requirements throughout Ontario.

Our Team understands that finding a great mortgage can be stressful and time-consuming, and that being said, we want you to leave it to us! Connect with any of the ClickYourMortgage.com team and let one of them find you the mortgage that suits your needs at the best rate available.

Kevin Harris

Mortgage Broker

Kevin has worked in the mortgage industry for the past 10 years. He enjoys helping people get the proper mortgage and advice they need when they are looking at a purchase or refinance of a home. Sound advice and great service is something he enjoys offering his clients. With access to over 40 mortgage lenders in the industry he has access to the best rates and products in the industry. With over 20 years in the consumer finance business he has the experience and knowledge to prepare and package your mortgage request to best suit your changing needs. Working with a mortgage professional saves you time and money.

Let Kevin help you with your mortgage needs today. You have a financial plan and goals for your savings, the same attention should be paid to your mortgage.

Direct: 705.321.9273
Office: 705.797.8448
Fax: 705.719.1849
Email: kevin@clickyourmortgage.com
Email: kevin_harris@centum.ca
Web: www.centum.ca/kevin_harris
Licence #: M08002420

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Carrie Guergis

Mortgage Broker

I have been a Mortgage Broker for the last 15  years and truly love what I do! Previously I had a  successful 14 year banking career with Scotiabank I chose to leave to  pursue my interests and specialize in Mortgage Lending.

Being a mortgage Broker has given me the experience needed to make sure I am finding my clients the best rate and products on the market. I  make sure my clients understand the process from start to finish and I am always available after the purchase to answer any questions they may have.

I also deal with refinances, self employed clients, commercial deals , we also have many private lenders available if needed. Customer Service is my number 1 priority to both my client and my referral source .

Call me anytime as I am always available

Direct: 705.627.2580
Fax: 705.719.1849
email: guergis@rogers.com
Licence #: M08002406

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Jennifer Fee

Mortgage Broker

I joined the Mortgage Industry in 2004 after a successful 15 year career in Retail Banking. Using a financial planning approach, I specialize in obtaining the best possible financing for your home, cottage and investment property.

With all the constant changes to the mortgage industry, it is increasingly important to get advice from a trusted mortgage professional who is committed to you full time and for the long term. I am dedicated to provide up to date mortgage information, educate you on the process of home financing and negotiate the best possible pricing for you!

I’m also a member of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association, and am licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Direct: 705.790.1981
Office: 705.797.8448
Fax 705.719.1849
email: jfee@rogers.com
Lic #M08001348

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Alana Myers

Mortgage Broker

After graduating from Georgian College in 2007 with a diploma in Accounting, Alana went on to work as a full-cycle bookkeeper for a company in North-West Ontario. During that time, she purchased a home, and instantly became very interested in the Mortgage Industry.

The following year, she decided to take the Mortgage Agent course through Seneca College and excelled. Upon completing the exam and becoming a Licensed Mortgage Agent in 2009, Alana was brought on as a mortgage professional with the Centum Mortgage Exchange Inc., where she remains today.

In 2017, Alana furthered her education in the mortgage industry, and now holds the title of Mortgage Broker.

In the past 8 years, Alana has helped her clients obtain mortgages specific to their individual needs and goals, and for the best rate in the industry.

Direct: 705.321.5963
Office: 705.797.8448
Fax: 705.719.1849
email: alana_myers@centum.ca
Lic # M10000467

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Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

We are feeling the January 1st Mortgage Rule Changes

Late 2017, the government announced that they would be enforcing stricter mortgage rules across the board for Canadians. Until this time, only borrowers with less than 20% down were subject to this tighter qualification process. The new rule goes as such: All borrowers with less than 20% down (insured or insurable deals) must qualify at a rate of 5.14% over a maximum of 25 years. All borrowers with greater than 20% down, must qualify at the greater of the 5.14% or 2% higher than the contract rate (or more simply, the mortgage rate they are offered). The result of these stricter rules? Borrowers are qualifying for almost 20% less of a mortgage they would have prior to January 1, 2018. Having now pushed through the first quarter of 2018, we are noticing the impact these rule changes are having on potential borrowers. If you are thinking about purchasing or refinancing this year, or, if you have a mortgage coming to its maturity, be sure to reach out now to discuss your options....

8 Things to Avoid After a Mortgage Preapproval

You have word from your agent letting you know you are pre-approved for a mortgage. This is an exciting time as you are well on your way to purchasing a new home. A preapproval is usually good for 60 to 120 days depending on the lender. If you do not purchase a home within this time frame, the lender may require you to get preapproved again. Therefore, it is important to continue the great behavior that got you the preapproval, in the first place. Below are eight tips to help keep your financial situation preapproval ready. 1. Don’t apply for new credit Some lenders require the mortgage broker to do another credit check before they give final approval. If the credit check reveals new credit inquiries, they may want you to verify that you have not taken on any new debt which will delay the approval. Taking on any new debt can impact your credit score, so it is best not to take the risk. 2. Don’t make any major purchases If your credit report does get pulled again and it shows you are carrying a balance from making some large purchases, this may affect your approval status. Buying furniture, appliances or renovation material is fine if you have extra cash but putting it on your credit card will increase your debt-servicing ratio which is one of the guidelines used for qualifying a mortgage. This can reduce the loan amount and put your home you made an offer on, out of your price range. 3. Don’t pay off your debt Paying off debt is usually a good idea, but...

Qualifying for a Mortgage Just Got Tighter

Yesterday, Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, announced new rules that serve as another attempt to slow the housing market. At this point it has only addressed buyers looking to purchase with less than a 20% down payment. Here are the details: As of October 17th, all mortgages, regardless of the term, will need to be qualified at 4.64%. This is called the benchmark rate. The government essentially is only allowing lending up to what a client can afford if rates were at 4.64%, even if their interest rate is much lower. 1-4 year terms, and variable rate terms have always qualified at the benchmark rate, but now the 5 year term that most buyers would take with less than 20% down is facing the same scrutiny. Important to Know: Clients who already have accepted offers with a firm mortgage approval prior to Oct 17th are exempt from this new qualifying rate, as long as the completion date is prior to March 1, 2017. They will still have to pay the insurance premiums and they have not changed. A maximum amortization of 25 years still remains in effect. Action to Take: If you have an accepted offer on a home, make sure you have a mortgage approval prior to Oct 17th. If you are in the market and shopping, try to get your offer accepted in the next few days in order to qualify as per current guidelines. If you are shopping and likely won’t have an accepted offer by Oct 17th,  call your mortgage broker to find out what you qualify for based on the new...

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