Lowering Canadian Debt

If you ever watch HGTV Canada, you’ve most likely seen shows like “Til Debt Do Us Part” or Slice channel’s “Princess” – shows that bring in a professional to help people come to their senses and manage their debt.
Everywhere you turn these days, you’ll hear people talking about debt. The economic crisis in the United States and Europe has shone a light on just how volatile markets can be if not managed properly. Now that it’s after the holiday, you’re probably feeling a little pinch in your wallet as well.

Not all news is doom and gloom though. A recent report by Equifax Canada says that Canadians are doing a lot better in paying off credit card debt. It shows that we are taking heed of all the warnings about rising Canadian debt.

That being said, we need to make more of an effort to curb our debt. It was mentioned on the radio that many Canadians have actually made debt reduction a New Year’s resolution. How many succeed remains to be seen, but there are options out there to help you manage your spending and debt. Most solutions will require you to cut back your lifestyle and stop spending so much money! The solution seems logical, but it’s not always attainable.

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